Sterling rebounds on UK CPI, Parliament vote

The pound was able to limit its losses and even advance against some of its forex counterparts after the UK CPI came in better than expected. Headline inflation rose from 0.6% to 1.0%, higher than the 0.9% consensus, while core CPI climbed from 1.3% to 1.5%, outpacing the projected 1.4% reading. The house price index […]

The Market Readies itself for All Things Inflation

In market inflation news, GBP/USD is currently trading at about 1.2240, GBP/EUR is trading at about 1.1100 the figure, with the Sterling higher over the course of the past 24-hours or so. There’s nothing really driving that Sterling retracement, maybe just a little bit of U.S. dollar weakness risk is seen to be put back […]

Euro slides on Greek debt concerns, widening yield spread

The euro was one of the weakest performers of the bunch as European markets closed in the red. ECB member Coeure raised concerns about the sustainability of Greek debt, sending jitters all over their financial markets and partly causing the German-US yield spread to fall to its lowest level in a decade. EURUSD is down […]

Crude oil rally shores up Canadian dollar

The Canadian currency was able to take advantage of the surge in crude oil prices yesterday after Russian President Putin reaffirmed their willingness to cooperate with the OPEC if they decide to impose a production freeze or cut. WTI crude oil climbed past $51/barrel while Brent crude oil made it to $53.05/barrel. USDCAD fell from […]

Global Foreign Exchange Market News Update

In global foreign exchange market news, GBP/USD is currently trading at about 1.2370, GBP/EUR is trading at about 1.1070, so the Sterling is still very much depressed after that flash thrash on Friday morning, obviously deep, deep falls and their rebound over the course of Friday but still Sterling is very much on the back […]

Sterling Declines Further

GBP/USD is currently trading once again lower below the 1.2700 level into the 1.2600s this morning, while the GBP/EUR is seemingly battering on the door of a fall into the 1.1200s. The Sterling is continuing to fall over the past 24 hours, down for probably five reasons we would say; First off, fears around the […]

Tough Brexit, Tough truths and Tough declines

GBP/GPU is currently trading at below that 31-year low, as we’re currently around the 1.2770 as the market opens up in the European session. The GBP/EUR is also falling down to about 1.1425, with the Sterling taking a knock through that 31-year low in the past 10 minutes or so. There have been pressure on […]

Global Foreign Exchange Market News Update

In latest global foreign exchange market news, GBP/USD is currently trading at about 1.2890, GBP/EUR is trading below the 1.1500 level (1.1400 unchanged), so we have the Sterling falling over the course of the Asian session and picking up a little bit of steam as the European session opens up in London. The reason why […]

Deutsche Bank news brings unease

Risk aversion came back with a vengeance late Thursday when investors got wind of reports that hedge funds are withdrawing their derivatives holdings from Deutsche Bank. The German bank, which has ties with other well-established global financial institutions, has recently been dealt billions of dollars in fines by the US Justice Department, making it more […]

Apex bank Speeches Litters Today’s Calendar with Risk

Recent bank speeches have recently sowed risk in the markets today. A quick spot check on the market shows the U.S. dollar gained on Tuesday after a slightly better than expected consumer confidence figure. Nonetheless, the real profit helping the U.S. dollar at the moment is actually coming from overseas. Brexit data is likely to […]